The Fina Things.

April 30, 2007


Caetano Veloso – Fina Estampa
Caetano Veloso – Tonada de Luna Llena
Caetano Veloso – Un Vestido y un Amor

caetano veloso with strings. ‘un vestido’ is ridiculous.


DJ Quik – Can You Work With That ft. AMG

‘he’s like a brother in arms.’  quik list.

Who? Oh Yeah.

April 27, 2007


Pimp C Ft Mike Jones and Bun B – Pourin Up (Lankizzle Remix)

props. so, i’m thinking, lankizzle should do a whole videogames album with mike jones. i mean, not because he’s a clown, per se. i love mr. jones. just that, i don’t see this finding much favour with someone like bun b. the nintendo synth all perfect for the flow.

In the Pits.

April 27, 2007


 Huggotron – Glasshouses

Here We Come.

April 27, 2007


Ideal J – Hardcore
Ideal J Ft. Method Man & Street Life – Hardcore
DJ Mehdi – My Time My Days
DJ Mehdi – Jump Around Vs Da Funk

mehdi @ honkytonks ’06 was the set of the year for me (ahem, $5). his obvious hiphop edge translates way better over the boards than on record; a sound that’s not really ed banger (most of whom are no super DJs, anyway). can merge n switch genres pretty effortlessly, ‘paris hilton’ to busta rhymes to ‘mandarine girl’ to zack de la rocha (not neccessarily in that order), or drop prodigy before it seemed like the right thing to do. he got all giddy when i asked him about a potential jay-z collab. this gets real good when the HOP vocals kick in.

as long as it sounds like some ’99 problems + 1′.


Matthew Dear – Pom Pom

got to figure out love. barring some of the vocals that sit at right wrong angles, mouth-to-mouth man does pop as well as any (and with non of the grainy, half-assed production values that plague/characterize the indie-pop universe).


April 23, 2007


 what more… can he say?

Who’s Afraid.

April 23, 2007


Live in Spain (12/06) pt 01 | pt 02 | pt 03

(had to miss these 9 hours though).


Smoking Kills.

April 22, 2007


SebastiAn – Head/Off

this should’ve been given to kook keith, really.


Nathan Fake – Charlies House (Apparat Remix)
Nathan Fake – You Are Here (Fortdax Remix)

not a huge fan, but check out the strings on this thing.