A Brief History of Timbaland Beats.

August 10, 2007


‘you… confused?’
‘nah… motherfucker’ – jay-z
‘yeah right…’

Vol 1
01. Timbaland and Magoo – Beep Beep (4:18)
02. Missy Elliot – Slap! Slap! Slap! (4:05)
03. Ms. Jade – She’s a Gangsta (4:34)
04. Tweet – Sexual Healing (Oops Pt.2) (4:47)
05. Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody? (4:27)
06. Ginuwine – Pony (5:21)
07. Ludacris – Phat Rabbit (4:58)
08. Nas Ft. Aaliyah – You Won’t See Me Tonight (4:22)
09. Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew (4:51)
10. Ms Jade Ft. Nelly Furtado & Timbaland – Ching Ching (4:34)
11. Timbaland – What Cha Know About This (4:31)
12. Bubba Sparxxx – Twerk a Little (4:21)
13. Timbaland – Up Jumps Da’ Boogie (Remix) (4:17)
14. Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg (What’s My Name Pt. 2) (4:03)
15. Nicole Ray Ft. Missy Elliott – Make It Hot (4:27)
16. Kelis – Running Mate (Unreleased) (3:32)
17. Slum Village Ft. Ms Jade – Disco (Timbaland Remix) (4:15)
18. Timbaland Ft. Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Mocha – Hit ‘Em Wit’ Da Hee (Remix) (4:04)

Vol 2
01. Petey Pablo Ft Timbaland – I (4:50)
02. Twista – Who Am I (4:16)
03. Jay-Z – It’s Hot (4:15)
04. Missy Elliott Ft. Eminem – Busa Rhyme (5:00)
05. Missy Elliott Ft. Juvenile & B.G. – U Can’t Resist (4:36)
06. Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (3:39)
07. Pastor Troy – Tell ‘Em It’s On (4:37)
08. Tweet – Call Me (2:56)
09. Genuwine – Love You Down (5:03)
10. Petey Pablo – Raise Up (4:46)
11. Missy Elliot – The Rain (4:12)
12. Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire (3:38)
13. Memphis Bleek Ft. Jay-Z and Missy Elliot – Is That Your Bitch (4:38)
14. Jadakiss Ft. Bubba Sparxxx – They Ain’t Ready (2:53)
15. Missy Elliott – Let Me Fix My Weave (4:00)
16. Timbaland & Magoo – Luv 2 Luv You (Remix) (6:40)
17. Timbaland & Magoo – 15 After Da’ Hour (4:10)
18. Interlude – Mr. Richard (0:50)
19. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (4:50)

Vol 3
01. Jay Z – Hey Papi (4:32)
02. Missy Elliot – Lick Shots (3:32)
03. Shawnna – Shake That Shit (Ft. Ludacris) (3:55)
04. Aaliyah – We Need a Resolution (4:02)
05. Jay-Z – Nigga What, Nigga Who (3:53)
06. Missy Elliott – She’s A Bitch (3:24)
07. Missy Elliott – Slide (3:43)
08. Missy Elliott – Wake Up (4:07)
09. Missy Elliott – Cop That Shit (3:33)
10. Missy Elliott – Scream A.K.A. Itchin’ (3:57)
11. Missy Elliott – Whatcha Gon’ Do (3:15)
12. Ms. Jade – Count It Off (Ft. Jay-Z) (3:59)
13. Fabolous – Right Now & Later On (4:00)
14. Jadakiss – Nasty Girl (3:57)
15. The Lox (Ft Eve) – Ryde or Die, Bitch (4:49)
16. Aaliyah – One in a million (4:30)
17. Missy Elliot – Izzy Izzy Ahh (3:54)
18. Missy Elliot – Sock it 2 me (4:19)
19. Ms. Jade Ft. Nate Dogg – Dead Wrong (4:29)
20. Aaliyah – Love Me (3:58)

Vol 4
01. Aaliyah – Dont Know What To Tell Ya (5:04)
02. Brandy – Afrodisiac (3:47)
03. Justin Timberlake – Futuresex-Lovesound (4:02)
04. Ms. Jade – Jade’s a Champ (4:36)
05. Llyod Banks – My House (3:37)
06. Snoop Dogg – Get A Light (Ft. Damian Marley) (3:41)
07. Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (4:05)
08. Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice, Pharrell – What’s Up (4:55)
09. Young Jeezy – 3 A.M. (Ft. Timbaland) (3:56)
10. N.O.R.E. – For A Minute (Ft. Nature and John Doe) (4:13)
11. Lil Kim – The Jump Off (Ft. Mr Cheeks) (3:54)
12. Obie Trice – Bad Bitch (4:09)
13. Jay-Z – Hola’ Hovito (4:32)
14. Jay-Z – Get My Shit Off (3:07)
15. Missy Elliott (Ft. Nicole & Outkast) – All N My Grill (4:31)
16. Brandy – Come as You Are (3:44)
17. Kiley Dean – Kiss Me Like That (4:12)
18. Bobby Valentino Ft. Timbaland – Anonymous (4:55)
19. Brandy – I Tried (4:45)
20. Nelly Furtado – Glow (4:02)

Vol 5
01. Clipse Ft. Re-Up Gang – Re-Up Anthem (3:57)
02. Mack 10 – Nobody (ft W.C & Timbaland) (4:46)
03. Fat Joe – Everybody Get Up (4:20)
04. Missy Elliott Ft. Nelly – Pump It Up (3:07)
05. Gemstar (Da Goldenchild) – What Yall Want Ft. J-Rock (2:50)
06. Lloyd Banks – I’m So Fly (4:00)
07. Ms Jade Bubba Timbaland – Ugly Remix (4:10)
08. Nas – You Owe Me (4:47)
09. Aaliyah – Try Again (4:45)
10. Usher – You Make Me Wanna (Timbaland remix) (4:25)
11. Boyz II Men – Cant Let Her Go (Timbaland Remix) (5:08)
12. SWV Ft. Missy and Timbaland – Can We Get Kinky Tonight (4:44)
13. John Doe Ft. Lil’ Jon & Timbaland – Rollin’ (4:17)
14. Trey Songz (Ft. The Game) – Wonder Woman (Timbaland Remix) (6:20)
15. Magoo Ft. Bubba Sparxxx – Lights Out (Remix) (4:43)
16. Missy Elliott – Big Spender (3:10)
17. Timbaland Ft. Bassy – Talkin Trash (2:28)
18. Floetry – Say Yes (Timbaland Remix) (4:45)
19. Aaliyah – Are You Feelin’ Me (3:10)

some thoughts:
– the stretch from ‘hey papi’ to ‘whatcha gon’ do’ is probably my favorite. slitherin’ beats that register in the Upper Ether. so is the closin tangent on ‘what cha know about this’ (crazy good).
– tried not to OD on missy but it was impossible. understandably half of the Hottest (and most, ahem, Forward Reaching) went to her, during the Golden Era between 97 to 03. ‘slap! slap! slap!’? ‘lick shots’? ‘slide’? (the most under-appreciated) good half of this is not a test!??
– are some people still talkin about danja doing the dirty work? i hope not.
– clipse come through and steamroll huge beats like ‘put you on the game’ and ray-j’s (really now) ‘unbelievable’ (‘re-up anthem’) into real bangers.
– talking about shock value is obviously pointless, it’s existence doesn’t add to or detract from.
– there were obvious omissions. some had reasons. missing a couple more sparxxx for certain.
– wonder woman remix? say yes remix? big spender? don’t know what to tell ya? yeah.
– jay-z’s reaction when he first hears the 1-second bleep off ‘dirt off your shoulder’.
(is why he had the best ear for beats. until kingdom come, anyway).
– sequencing was given care. not saying couldn’t have been improved. this was a labor of love.
– kelis’ ‘running mate’ is probably a top 10 timbaland beat (no wonder it didn’t get on the album). so is ‘hey papi’, ‘pony’ and ‘resolution’, but you already knooo that.
– …so is the last minute of ‘hit ’em wit’ da hee (remix)’. you know how you looped that shit and slapped it on a tape. 60 minutes of Funk.

58 Responses to “A Brief History of Timbaland Beats.”

  1. rrougher said


  2. dutchtwista said

    no “All Y’all” ?…buggin’ yo!

  3. dutchtwista said

    Outsiderz 4 Life = underrated!

  4. carter said

    you make some good points friend

    dunno how ‘who r u (remix)’ didnt make it really :!

  5. Jigga Man said

    Looks nice, but can’t download cos it’s through that mega upload piece of crap. (download limit exceeded after only one file!)

    can anyone re-up this somewhere decent, like zshare?

  6. Cryptic Ned said

    GREAT choice for starting the second CD. “I” is such an underrated song. It’s not even on YouTube anywhere.

  7. Adriano said

    Great choices! I’m glad to see some Brandy songs, her “Afrodisiac” album is fantastic. I just wish I could download these lists, MegaUpload won’t let me.

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  9. a.j. said

    hey the upload isnt working.. please out it on some other site…

  10. […] Can five CD’s worth of material really be called A Brief History of Timbaland Beats? […]

  11. […]  Someone made a bunch of HUGE compilations of the very best of Timbaland’s work. There’s lots of Missy, Aaliyah, and other female rappers and artists. It’s nice to see a producer supporting and promoting female rappers, as they are better. […]

  12. Mr. Snrub said

    No “Oops Oh My”?

  13. carter said

    ‘oops’ had to give way to ‘oops pt 2’ (which to me is a slightly better track). but whatever, couldnt fit in some gems for sure, ‘snoopy track’, ‘hot boyz’, ‘luv to luv u'(orig), ‘1 minute man’, ‘my love’ etc come to mind. some prbly due to overkill (in my head and elsewhere). defn the last two.

    ps. a vol 6 & 7 was always on the cards

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  15. na said

    I got here via idolator, thanks so much for this. It’s an amazing compilation.

  16. Adam said

    “I” – Petey Pablo; “Hey Papi” and “Big Pimpin” – Jay Z are the ill shit

  17. Garrett said

    Nice! This is much appreciated. Much heat that I’ve never heard…

  18. Fidel said

    He’s a thief.

  19. You are a true soulologist. Thanks for agreat post.

    P E A C E


  20. nick said

    that wonder woman remix is fake…

  21. Jayjayjay said

    Please put up new links

  22. jason said

    the link for #5 is dead…thanks for putting in the work

  23. baysic said

    Very nice work.

    Timbaland is an amazing, versatile beat maker and your work proves it.

  24. Wanted said

    505 and 514 are Danja. The rest are hot… I could take lessons from this.

  25. Swag Deisel said

    This is straight gold, or perhaps palladium. You probably considered these tracks but I’ll mention them anyway. How bout the Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater Remix” ft. Lil Wayne or “Tell Me Bout the South” ft. Bubba Sparaxxx, Baby & Lil Wayne. I think they’re both unrealesd.

  26. dvdjamm said

    Only 2 Ginuwine songs? C’mon man…At least What’s So Diferent or Keep It Real…Plus it’s been so long,yet I still don’t have any idea why Timbo and Elgin don’t work together anymore…

  27. Leviathan said

    Wow, this is awesome. Mad Propz.

  28. Fantomas said

    Hey, Thank you so much for this!
    great effort!

  29. haev said

    i would have added at least 10 more Ginuwine tracks, but this is a great Mix of his work 😉

  30. Bob said

    Still downloadable ?

  31. franchise said

    anyway we can get a reup or link emailed? this was a dope compilation. Would even link it to my site. good work. trust.

  32. norma said

    This was a great list. I’ve loved Timbaland for over 10 years (I like his earlier stuff more). “Hey Papi” takes the cake for me, though. It was such an underrated song, too.

  33. Marquis said

    Can we get a re-up!?

  34. […] mais ça prend des proportions inquiètantes depuis qu’un blogger s’est amusé à compiler sur cinq disques une sélection de ses meilleurs travaux. Aujourd’hui, c’est sûr, Tim Mosley s’impose comme ma référence absolue en […]

  35. […] dude over at flylife dug through all types of Timbaland beats and compiled a notable 100. Those original links are long-since inactive, but I found some re-up’s so I’m passing […]

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  46. los said

    Yo Sizzla Kolonji uses a beat in a song called “Take Myself Away” that I thought was a Timbaland beat , just wanted to know what song that it was used on? This isht has been bugging me for months now so someone please help me with this , cause it is REALLLLLLLy kicking my ass!!!

  47. Just phenomenal. He may be expensive but his beats are worth it.

    Hip Hop Music

  48. lowest prices, overnight delivery

  49. […] right ideas to work with. Luckily for him, (half of) this album contains some of Timbaland’s better work in a decade, where Tim has once again managed to unleash his inner orangutan on us. Whether his trademark […]

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