The Red Sea.

April 27, 2008

Zur Face – Cosmopolitan Drink

was in egypt, saw some persian girls (AAAHH) etc. and well, as much as i wanted to bask in the dusted-off glory of The Epic Civilization, i could only stand infront of luxor and think about hundreds of years of oppression instead. and how at the root of all human virtue lies the most intense egoism. it’s heartwarming to see litte has changed.

but still, god on earth is probably a more advanced (or the very least a less cumbersome, more efficient) concept framework than a god elsewhere.  about two and a half sides to a story.

but whateva, cruising through the Nile at night with this epic slowburner on, had never felt quite like that before.

Let the Horns Play.

April 11, 2008

Onur Oezer – Traumbone

mr greaves coming through


April 10, 2008

Prosumer & Murat Tapeli – Serenity

Trimski – Full of Shit

Kalabrese – Alberto Feat Gustavo Delux

you hear the wheels twist, kalabrese turning two gears, into a sublime belled-up deephouse build. much promise for the next one.


Lo Borges – Eu Sou Como Voce

Throw Rice.

April 3, 2008


Megan Rochell – My Mistake

if ‘me & u’ wasn’t sign enough for you, the boy is about to take over. the devil omen is in his (offbeat) detail. here it’s those lazy, slightly laggin’ bongos (rather than the expansive flylife synth).

sincerely, the undersigned.


Bruno Pronsato – Who is Sarah Stern?

album of the year, maybe. the exact moment when that earth shaking piano lands outta nowhere on ‘what they wish’ may just be a defining moment in the history of modern music. let us hope so, anyway.


Osborne – Outta Sight

this is the perfect track. where house should head (back to).
meanwhile usher raymond & rich harrison has dropped some science (on your radiofriendly ass). an rnb single (i hope) that sounds like a garage banger out of hell. cutting edge.